Author: Shawn Epling

About Shawn Epling

Web Developer / Entrepreneur with over 17 years experience building and marketing on the web.

Going Local!

I have been visiting local farmers markets and shops in an effort to get to know my new community better. The idea of small business helping small business is near and dear to my heart and the core reason I began BigFunBox Solutions in the first place.

It is my goal to support local communities and business, and play a part in their success wherever I can. I love “hometown” business and have always found that the best quality and care is in what the people are making right in our own community.

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eBay Stores!!!

Add to you revenue and extend your branding with custom template design.

In an effort to better serve our customers we have begun a new initiative.

eBay store design! This is a valuable addition to many of our customers existing revenue channels for businesses from small to large. Even many major brands are making a presence on and

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