Simplicity, Consistency, and Affordability

This has been the foundation of my approach with our customers. These are the essential cornerstones that should be the focus of small and medium size businesses.


It is easy to overwhelm your customers with complex messaging. To much is as bad as to little when a customer is trying to find information.

You can always look at writing for your best approach. The most readable books are the ones with short concise paragraphs. This is because the brain can easily digest small chunks of information that are well organized.

So how do we simplify our content and still provide the information that we want our customers to know about. There are some very easy rules to follow when you’re developing your content.

  1. Don’t try to get all of your information on one or two page.
  2. Categorize! What are you trying to communicate?


Another large mistake that we have seen is the use of internal staff or contracting to people with little experience or concern for maintaining brand image. The ability to understand your site and your brand from one page to another or from one platform to another is essential for the comfort of your customers. You don’t want a different layout from one page to another on your site. It is confusing and hard to navigate and read.

You also want to be sure to brand everything you can. Your logo and look should be taken everywhere you can. Do you have an eBay store? Does this look completely different than your site? Have you taken your branding into this channel?

You want your customers to recognize you wherever you’re doing business.


Here’s the big one right. If you’re thinking that you can’t afford the investment to keep up with the first two items of this little article. You couldn’t be further from the truth. It can be challenging to present a professional, consistent image and tie things together so that people can understand and buy your products or services.

I agree with you! I have had the great misfortune of experiencing so many small business sites that have been put together by the guy that the business owner knows or can afford and has ended up with a site that gives them a presence that only succeeds in mostly turning customers away. This is one of the biggest reasons that I have founded

It shouldn’t be a fortune tied up in creating a solid online presence that reinforces your brand and enhances your business.

In an effort to help you find your way through either starting your site or reworking an existing site. is putting together packages and solutions bundles that can help you to get the site or features that you want at an affordable price.

These packages are designed to help businesses step into their solutions. They are also designed to give you a way to grow your solutions with your business. There are even feature packages that you can add as you want or need to. This gives you the final word … Flexibility!

You owe it to yourself to partner with a professional that understands how to help you live and grow your business both online and off with simple, consistent, and affordable solutions.