Going Local!

I have been visiting local farmers markets and shops in an effort to get to know my new community better. The idea of small business helping small business is near and dear to my heart and the core reason I began BigFunBox Solutions in the first place.

It is my goal to support local communities and business, and play a part in their success wherever I can. I love “hometown” business and have always found that the best quality and care is in what the people are making right in our own community.

The enormous pressure from large business and prohibitive pricing is making it harder and harder for our neighbors to compete with the monster chains that all too often set up shop next door and end up making our community businesses disappear.

Today I have made up my mind to do what I can through the channels I have to make whatever mark I can on this picture and I encourage all of you to take a moment and visit the shop down the street. Visit the local market where our friends and neighbors might just be making the best sandwich or candy you’ve ever tasted, or they made an amazing product that no chain will ever offer.

The best part is that it’s in your town it was born right where you live. You automatically get bragging rights because you live right next door, and maybe just maybe you bought one or two and told a friend who did as well and before you know it the shop grew and more people bought enough from the local owner that they kept the doors open and became profitable enough to make sure your favorite whatever would be available the next time you wanted it.

This new section of my blog will be all about going local. I encourage you to send me a comment to let me know where we should visit next. Tell me about your favorite pub, shop, farm market, local artists and artisans, or whatever else there is that’s local you name it. What is a local business, farm, or craftsman that deserves a spot-light.